Robby Ingebretsen’s design for developers MIX09 workshop now online..

The MIX09 team just posted Robby Ingebretsen’s:   “Design for developers workshop.

Robby knocked it out of the ball park with his workshop.   
This is a must watch (multiple times) for most developers wanting to understand design.
I hope you enjoy it as much as every attendee did.  Click on the image on the right to go to MIX site and watch.

We posted three videos as an asx. If you want to download, here are direct links:
    Part One: Process
    Part Two: Composition
    Part Three:  Visuals





A few comments or disclaimers around workshops:
The workshops and pre-cons are not posted online because they cost extra. So for other conferences, please do not expect this.
In this case, workshops were recorded to test the cameras and accidentally posted on-line earlier, but encoding was not good; we heard from lots of people that they wanted to watch it,  including people who had paid to attend; when we asked those that paid if it was OK to post for everyone they agreed, so thank them for it, but again, don’t assume this will repeat again (it is not up-to-me).

What about the other workshops?
Hiking Mt. Avalon (my workshop) should be posted next. The Mix online guys are doing this one at a time so they can say I owe them four favors instead of one; either that or it takes a day to encode and they are working on it.
We are looking at the other workshops to see if the quality is good enough.  I can’t promise any other workshops yet; I do know that Molly’s workshop was not recorded.

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