Announcing the "WPF for LOB" Training Tour..

After our m-v-vm training sold out, and most of the march trainings were filled within days, I am delighted to announce our new series of WPF trainings for April/May/June.   

Karl Shifflett and I created our best offering to-date: two days packed with WPF, optimized for building business applications, and in your neighborhood. We are hitting five different cities this time!!

Please join us, and please help us spread the word about the training!!

Update on 4/2  -- Added registration tips; a lot of people were wondering about partner requirements; there are none. This training is open to every one. Sorry for asking those questions, we are tagging on existing infrastructure for registration.

Update on 4/8Dates are now final and the good news is the events were moved up. The NY and PHX dates changed, but registration opened with right dates so any one who registered saw the right ones!

Here is the full-invite:

This two day training is designed to teach developers how to create Line of Business (LOB) applications using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).  

  • Day One is an introduction to the WPF graphics subsystem, the tools used to build WPF applications, and the core UI services: styling, data binding, templating, layout and input-

  • The second day begins with interop (Windows Forms and Win32)  and then quickly dives into LOB topics, including building applications using the Model-View-ViewModel pattern, creating unit testable applications,  implementing data validation, and error handling.  

After completion, attendees will have a solid understanding of WPF, its advantages over other Microsoft UI platforms, and how to use the M-V-VM pattern to create great WPF LOB applications.

Date, Location, and Logistics



Click here to register (see tips below)

Los Angeles, CA

4/24 -4/25

London, UK

5/15 -5/16

New York, NY


Chicago, IL


Phoenix, AZ


Registration tips:
If you are not a partner or don't know if you are:
      When asked "are you registered" select No.  Select "Visiting partner" under Partner Level.
      Get creative on the Partner Type;  if in doubt, we are all "System builders"

Instructor-led training from 9 AM to 5:30 PM.   15 minute breaks every couple hours. 45 minutes lunch around mid-day.
Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks are provided.

The training is FREE. You do need to register prior to the event, but there is no cost.  You can register for one or two days. Registration is first-come-first serve, sign-up as early as possible to reserve your spot!

Detailed Agenda

  • Day One:

    • Lap Around WPF

    • WPF Tools ( Blend, Visual Studio 2008)

    • Graphics Subsystem

    • Layout

    • WPF Fundamentals and new concepts

      • Application Model

      • Dependency Properties

      • Trees (logical & visual)

      • Events

      • Threading

      • Resources

    • Controls

    • Styling

    • Templating

    • Q&A with instructors at end of day

  • Day Two:

    • WPF integration with Win32 and Windows Forms

    • Data binding

    • Introduction to Model-View-ViewModel

    • Commanding in M-V-VM

    • Views, Navigation and Transitions

    • Data Validation

    • Error handling, Model dialogs, Logging

    • Unit Testing

    • MVVM & LOB tips and tricks

    • Q&A with the instructors


About the instructors
Karl Shifflett is a software architect, former Microsoft MVP, current Code Project MVP and MCAD from Bellevue, Washington. He is currently working for Microsoft on the Cider Team as a Program Manager II. He has been designing & developing business applications since 1989 and transitioned to .NET in March of 2003. In April of 2007 he joined the list of WPF and Microsoft Expression fanatics & evangelists. He is a member of Team Mole that delivered Mole Visualizer For Visual Studio to the world. He is the author to XAML Power Toys and loves WPF LOB.  Karl’s Blog:

Jaime Rodriguez is a Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. He focuses on WPF and Silverlight.   For the last four years, he has helped a lot of enterprises and ISVs adopt WPF in large scale, mission critical, projects. 
Jaime has been doing software development for fifteen years. Prior to Microsoft, he worked at Xerox, HP, Cerner and GeoAccess.   He joined Microsoft 9 years ago, he spent the first four years as an Enterprise Architect Consultant in Microsoft Services, and the last five he has been a client evangelist covering Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight.  Jaime’s blog is at

Comments (33)

  1. IanBlackburn says:

    This looks great Jaime!  Many thanks for providing it.  I have booked on the London dates (and tweeted the details) – looking forward to it.



  2. Ask Dr. WPF says:

    My retirement from WPF officially ended at 11:59 PM on April 1, 2009. It’s good to be back! As it turns out, I’m just not that good at golf and I don’t know what else a retired doctor do …

  3. jsun says:

    Thanks for the posting.  There is a problem with Phoenix site registration: no selection available.  

  4. yes. Unfortunately Phoenix, NY and Chicago are not yet open. We will have those open within this week. We had a last minute issue with one of the hotels we had booked and don’t want to open registration to these trainings until it is solved in case we need to change location or dates.

  5. Oob says:

    The registration for Chicago looks to be open. I am not sure if I should have or not but I registered mainly because I didn’t want to miss out. 🙂

    However the location says TBA.



  6. cplotts says:

    Would love to have you guys come to Minneapolis and St. Paul! Is your schedule completely set?

  7. Get some of that: Microsoft's Jaime Rodriguez and Karl Shifflett are on tour and will come to a number

  8. tom pham says:

    Can you guys please come to Houston, TX?

  9. WPF for LOB Tour (Line of Business Applications) is a two-day training event designed to teach developers

  10. Jaime Rodriguez is delivering a great set of WPF for LOB content that you will want to check out. 

  11. In January I had the pleasure of attending Karl and Jamie’s "WPF for line-of-business applications"

  12. myczek says:

    Tried to sign up for the Phoenix training.  This page says 6/26-6/27 but the registration page says 6/5-6/6 ?!?!?!?

  13. musclebai says:

    This is great news indeed!Perhaps it is asking a bit too much but cant resist however!Free WPF LOB two day session-can it come on Saturday and Sunday-I hate to kill your weekend but then its all for our dear WPF!

  14. A bit of a treat this one 🙂 Jaime Rodriguez and Karl Shiflett are going to be in London on the 15th

  15. When you register (using the links) those are final dates.  I updated dates on this post on 4/8 to match final dates.  

    Hope to see you all soon.  Don’t forget to tell your friends about the training!!


  16. shaggygi says:

    Will you be releasing a video for this tour?  Will you be coming to GA?  Thanks

  17. Learning WPF at the WPF LOB tour and XAMLFest events

  18. Tim Heuer says:

    There seems to be a lot of buzz around Silverlight lately and I admit, I like it :-). But I also think

  19. There seems to be a lot of buzz around Silverlight lately and I admit, I like it :-). But I also think

  20. Next month I will attend with my colleague Robert the “WPF FOR LOB” training Tour in London (5/15 -5

  21. Next month I will attend with my colleague Robert the “WPF FOR LOB” training Tour in London (5/15 -5

  22. UI matters. Does yours look like this? If you are interested in Windows Presentation Foundation development

  23. Synergist says:

    My colleague Jaime Rodriguez asked me to tell you about this great opportunity for learning about building

  24. gsegree says:

    Jamie, is it possible for you to come to miami so that some of us folks from the caribbean can take part in this awesome training.

    Also can the training be held Thursday, Friday or Saturday, Sunday?


  25. My colleague Jaime Rodriguez asked me to tell you about this great opportunity for learning about building

  26. fmarguerie says:

    What about visiting Paris and France? 😉

  27. miguelwood says:

    Karl mentioned on his blog that if we could get a venue you could do other locations.  If this is true, please let me know, as we’d love to have you in Dallas and I’d be willing to get the venue.

  28. If you live in Phoenix, Arizona or anywhere near, or have the ability to get here at will, May and June

  29. Last week we had our first stop in the WPF for LOB tour: Los Angeles.    The training

  30. Wintellect just posted a great 70 page white paper on codeplex about the “ programming differences between

  31. I’ve been to a fair number of technical conferences and presentations recently: 2009-04-16 Devscovery Followed WPF track led by Walt Ritscher — 1.5 days.[Day 2, Day 3] 2009-05-18 Enterprise Developer Conference Followed the user experience and WPF tracks.

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