WPF bloggers

Below is a list of Microsoft and community WPF bloggers.   The  OPML file is here.  Zipped here
The list was last updated 3/4/2009. If you are reading this more than 6 months from last update, please remind me to update it.   

Microsoft WPF bloggers

WPF disciples (minus Microsoft folks, via Rudi Grobler)


Other  Influential Community Bloggers:


Apologies if I missed yours (I had to start somewhere). Please email me so I can fix that. 


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  1. I recently updated and organized my blog subscriptions. Here is a list (and opml) of all the WPF blogs

  2. IanBlackburn says:

    That’s great Jaime!  Thanks for posting.

    Do you have a similar list for Silverlight 😉



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