two very promising WPF application frameworks on codeplex

Catching up on my blog reading, I see two great development frameworks recently posted in Codeplex. Both aim to build clean, testable, loosely coupled WPF applications with separated concerns.  gift

  • Onyx is a framework that aids in the development of WPF applications that follow the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern”, by Bill Kempf

  • "Designed to aid in the development of WPF and Silverlight applications, Caliburn implements a variety of UI patterns for solving real-world problems. Patterns that are enabled by the framework include MVC, MVP, Presentation Model (MVVM), Commands and Application Controller” , by Rob Eisenberg 
Check them out, share your feedback, use them, join and contribute (if you rejoice in that kinda thing)!

I am really looking forward to diving into these and to see where the community takes them!

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