WPF Training Resources, March Edition

Karl and I have gotten a good number of questions about the MVVM training.  Here are the most common answers:

  • The training was not recorded; we will do that later (probably after tour below )
  • We are looking to repeat it, in April/May, multiple locations in the US.  The format will change slightly, it will be two-day (first day is WPF fundamentals, still aimed at LOB developers, second day is MVVM).  
  • Once we have figured out dates & locations we will announce it via blog posts.  Registration should be easy and current plan is for it to be free.
  • Here is the HOL lab for the MVVM training: C# versionVB version.

While we figure details on the above training, below are some WPF training resources.

For free online training (at your own pace): 3 days WPF bootcamp from MIX University.

For instructor lead, upcoming WPF trainings and events for month of March.
If you are interested in attending these, feel free to follow the registration instructions below. All of the events are free; as you can see there are some amazing trainers delivering these sessions.   

Date Location Event description Trainer Registration
3/4 to 3/5 Washington,DC XamlFest (WPF + SL, intro) Joh Pelak RSVP via email
3/4 to 3/6 Mississauga, ON Canada 3-day WPF training (intro) Charles Petzold Metro, see below
3/4 to 3/6 Irving, TX 3-day WPF training(intro) Ian Bowler Metro, see below
3/9 to 3/11 Segrate, Italy 3-day WPF training(intro)   Metro, see below
3/11 to 3/13 London, UK 3-day WPF training(intro)   Metro, see below
3/11 to 3/13 Santiago, Chile 3-day WPF training(intro) Robby Ingebretsen Metro, see below
3/17 to 3/19 Vedbaek, Denmark 3-day WPF training(intro)   Metro, see below
3/31 to 4/2 Melbourne, Australia 3-day WPF training(intro) Josh Reuben Metro, see below
3/31 to 4/2 London, UK 3-day WPF training(intro)   Metro, see below
4/14 and 4/15 St. Paul, MN XamlFest (WPF +SL ) intro John Pelak RSVP via email
4/29 and 4/30 Chicago, IL XamlFest (WPF +SL ) intro John Pelak RSVP via email

For Metro trainings, the registration is private, feel free to email me directly and I will forward the details.   

If none of the above suits your timeline or location,  please try one of our training partners: Pluralsight, Developmentor, Wintellect, etc. their trainings are often longer and deeper.

If you know of more events, let me know..  I am sure there are many others.. apologies if I missed some one’s event..

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  1. After our m-v-vm training sold out , and most of the march trainings were filled within days, I am delighted

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