Design-time data in Expression Blend

Well- behaved, unobtrusive design-time data is essential for designers to create high-fidelity data templates and get a comprehensive view of the scene they are designing. If you agree, here is a must read on the common approaches to implementing design-time data inside blend (and Cider); the write-up covers:

  • The common ways to use ObjectDataProvider for design-time data. Pros & cons for each.
  • My favorite way to do design-time data via an Attached behavior..

The source is available here.  The paper is here on  HTMLXPS, and DOCX.

Let me know if I missed any thing..

Comments (4)

  1. Garry Trinder says:

    I downloaded the source and it didn’t work in Blend. Error: The member "DataFieldBinding" is not recognized or is not accessible."

  2. Hi Alan ( + Stefan + Daniel)..  

    Thanks for reporting the issue..  It is now fixed (if you download again).

    Explanation: I wrote that paper six months ago with older,private DataGrid bits, and it looks like DataFieldBinding was renamed to Binding on DataGridBoundColumn; sorry that I missed that.. Feel free to rename it so you don’t have to re-download.

    For those downloading, this also means the demo requires datagrid, from the WPF Toolkit at Please let me know if the dependency there is an issue, I can quickly do the same w/ GridView..

    Happy blending.. I still hope you find the read useful..

  3. Det här är den första i en serie bloggposter där jag kommer lyfta fram intressanta exempel på svenska

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