Hiking Mt. Avalon at MIX09…

Planning for our WPF workshop at MIX 09 is already in full swing at hour 2… and I am psyched about the speakers  we’ve already recruited:  John Gossman (WPF and Silverlight architect)  and  Jonathan Russ (Identitymine rock star developer and exWPF team member from the Avalon days).     

We now have the authorities on architecture (john), developers (jonathan), designer/integrator (robby), and getting drinks (jaime) covered. We hope to have another designer confirmed by end of the week.  

On agenda, we have to complete the team before we commit, but in case you need to change your reservations or register for the session, here is a quick draft from a 30 minute lunch w/ Robby.  Expect it to grow!

The four ‘axes’ into the hike are going to be: Guidance, Tips, Patterns, and Collab…  


If you are coming, or have advise on a tough WPF topic, please let us know what we absolutely must cover…

While I am hyping our session,  I should also share that the morning workshops are very, very good.  Robby has a ‘Design fundamentals for developers’ and  Adam Kinney has a ‘Rosetta Stone, from Flash to XAML’ session.

Don’t miss out!! If you need to convince your boss to let you come, tell him this is going to save you days (or weeks) later in your project; we hope to give you the map to the mountain (and share the best tips & tricks)..

C U @Mix09..

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  1. marlongrech says:

    lucky guys….. wish I could come

  2. Events Mix09 WPF Workshop: Jaime/Robby/John/… “ Hiking Mt. Avalon at Mix09 ”. Sounds great. WPF Jaime

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