XAML guidelines part 3

There were 3 goals to the XAML guidelines series:

  1. Show that there is not a single right answer (that is why we interviewed multiple people, multiple projects)

  2. Document common practices and previous experiences that worked.

  3. Inspire others to share their own opinions and practices.

In order to accomplish parts 2 and 3, I have typed a few of my recommended best practices for any one starting new..    

Since not every one will agree with my opinions so I am labeling this a draft, I would love for people to chime in with better suggestions and comments agreeing or disagreeing with the ones I listed.  Feel free to leave comments, or write your own blog post and link to it from here.  You can also drop me an email directly via contact page.  

I am planning to leave this open for at least a week and then try to update the document to go beyond draft.

XAML Guidelines Draft  HTML, PDF, XPS and DOCX.

For any one who finds this does not cover every thing they were wondering, please do let me know what I missed. I have at least two more topics that are related that I want to tackle next, but I figure partitioning them works best so we can build on a foundation.

Happy coding!

Comments (12)

  1. Rudi Grobler says:

    One of the most frequently asked questions from WPF practitioners is “What are the recommended practices

  2. Mark Rendle says:

    Very useful. I’ve posted a recently-formed guideline of my own at http://blog.markrendle.net/post/XAML-guidelines.aspx if you’re interested.

  3. Organising WPF projects is a black art, and when I’m coding some WPF (stop laughing) then I definitely

  4. swildermuth says:

    I am disappointed the "XAML Guidelines" would only take WPF into account. Any plans for a Rev that covers SL too?

  5. Shawn,

    It can’t be the same document. Silverlight optimizes for size and the subset of features (in particular resources) is meaningful enough that SL should get their own document.  

    I am most interested in the "sharing code" between SL and WPF. That is on my radar for right around or after MIX 09 time-frame.. to be candid I need more "hands-on" into that scenario before I can truly share advise that I know is proven.  

    I do get your point with the name.. I will make sure to update it to some thing like "WPF XAML guidelines"


  6. In this issue: Quadra Silverlight Outsourcing, Denis Dollfus, Karsten Januszewski, Tim Greenfield, Alex

  7. #.think.in says:

    #.think.in infoDose #16 (12th Jan – 16th Jan)

  8. Corey Hart says:

    I’d like to see some best practices on databinding.

    For example, would it be better to bind directly to a method in a service reference, or to create some sort of data manager and bind to that?

  9. WPF, e più in generale la realizzazione di interfacce utente, sono tematiche che esulano un pò dalla

  10. There have been quite a few developer and technology releases in the past couple of weeks, so in case

  11. If you are looking for best practices for running XAML WPF projects, this is a must read. Jaime Rodriguez

  12. jackbond says:

    Thank you for generating an XPS version. One grows tired of seeing documents exclusively generated for Adobe’s crapware.

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