Eight WPF themes released…

Today, Rudi Grobler released a “WPF Themes Pack” on codeplex.
The project includes eight XAML themes for WPF applications…

Read his announcement here.   WPF Themes Codeplex project is here.

I like his ‘Expression Dark’ theme.. It feels safe (and familiar) and I like the DavesGlossy theme too (screenshots below).

Since some of the themes also ship with silverlight, this could be an easy way to create a consistent UI for an application that has a web client (Silverlight) and a destktop client (WPF).

Thanks Rudi!!

DavesGlossyControls ExpressionDark

Comments (2)

  1. WPF와 Silverlight와 같은 UX기술들을 이야기 하다 보면 아래와 같은 질문들을 많이 받게 됩니다. "저희는 디자이너가 없어요" "저희 회사에서

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