NY Times ReaDER Free Edition..

One of my favorite WPF apps is the NY times reader.. but a while ago they started charging a subscription fee and {since I am a cheap skate, and a very seldom commuter}  I stopped using it..

Now they are back with a Free Edition..  It includes Top Stories,  Select Articles from Sunday Magazine, and Weekly crossword puzzle..   this is plenty for my 35 min once a week commute. It  will be good to keep up w/ the news to see who wins the US Presidential election (just kidding, I am not that out of touch –with the news at least) ..

Install Times Reader Free Edition from here, and if you commute more often than I do, feel free to subscribe to full edition..


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  1. In this issue: Ian Griffiths, Matthew Casperson, Chris Anderson, IDV Solutions, Nikhil Kothari, Dave

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