Only two weeks to go until WPF Codecamp in North Carolina ( May 17)…

On May 17,  Karl Shifflett and Josh Smith present their “WPF Multi-Tier Business Application Track at the Enterprise Developers Guild Code Camp”.
The event is at the CPCC Central Campus located in Charlotte, NC.  

If you are in the area or within driving/train distance I definitely recommend you try to attend…  Josh and Karl are two of the most knowledgeable and passionate WPF experts out there..   I have had the pleasure of seeing Josh present at the 08 WPB bootcamp and he is very good – he has this funny/casual way of sharing a lot of deep experience..    I have not seen Karl speak yet, but given his Mole accomplishments there is no doubt this event is going to be very insightful…   [btw, if MS has another WPF bootcamp in the future, we will have Karl :)]

I wish I could be there for this.. but I have a conflict ;( …. if you are in the area sign-up soon, attend and have lots of fun …  [there will even be prizes]

Good luck Josh & Karl!!!   Thanks for volunteering and sharing!


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