A carousel control in Silverlight 2…

Check it out here...  Source is here!


It is very little code so I did not do a write-up. The code does have comments.
Ideas? or  Improvements I considered but did not implement (yet )...

  • I debated using the animation system; generate ( n storyboards, where n = number of items ).. You can generate an animation that simulates points in a motion path..   this should smooth it out alot .. for the tiny sample I needed it felt like overhead; also I wanted to use DispatchTimer (the manual animation) as a reference.
  • It assumes that items in the panel don't have a transform applied..  [easy to check and multiply transform if needed]

Credits:  Every thing I know about carousel came from a Lee brimelow's flash carousel tutorial.   

Bugs/feedback, leave comments or email.

Comments (2)

  1. Techniques says:

    Over at Jaime Rodriguez’s Blog , he has developed a Carousel Control for Silverlight Version 2. The source

  2. Christoph Husse with a non-US TextBox, Jaime Rodriguez on built-in Styling, A SL2 Carousel, and URI Referencing

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