Silverlight in Financials Demonstrator


Yesterday at the Financial Services Developers Conference in NY,   Marley Gray & Joe Cleaver showed  the "Silverlight in Financials Demonstrator".

The demonstrator is a 'mock-up' website that shows the interactions and experience you could get from a silverlight enabled site. Features like interactive video that drives charts, client-side charting, drag & drop, client-side calculations (for responsiveness), cross-domain web services calling, etc. come together seamlessly to create a slightly different banking experience from what we see today.    

If you have Silverlight 2, you can play with the demonstrator at this site

You can also see an internal (=not polished) recording of  a walk through of the demonstrator from this silverlight streaming video.

If you want a script that helps you walk through the interactions, you can find one here.



The plan and the source:

Our goal from the beginning has been to release the source code at devcon; since that was yesterday, the source is available today from here.

Warning: the demonstrator grew quickly from a Silverlight 1.1 app with three scenarios to a SL 2.0 application with  six or seven scenarios; so we are a bit behind on cleaning up the code. The plan is to do a bit more clean up over the next few days ( or say all of next week)  and then put it out at gallery when the code cleanup churn decreases.  Please check the SL gallery or check this blog in a week or so for an updated source.  [It takes that long because we do it one hour at a time on evenings or when I have free time at work (which is not much)].

Known issues:
Apologies in advance to those outside the US or not running an en english locale. We are aware some of the ' banking concepts' might not apply but we hope some of the interactions are generic enough that are useful to show.  We have also not localized the site.  Please do report bugs around localization. 

Infusion development did most of the coding. Joe Cleaver, Marley Gray, Joe Rubino and a few others in the MS financials team helped define the scenarios.   

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  1. Jaime Rodriguez posted a nice financials sample built using Silverlight 2 Beta 1. Very cool and gives

  2. It’s nice to see this app make the light of day. I saw it a few months ago. InfusionDev did a great job

  3. Jaime Rodriguez posted a nice financials sample built using Silverlight 2 Beta 1. Very cool and gives

  4. rodrigoratan says:

    Nice stuff Jaime! Two related questions: Can I publish the ‘walk through’ video in our Labs blog? [] 2) If yes, can you post a link to the wmv file? I could open a iframe to the SLS link but we already have a video plataform that output to both Flash (.flv) and Silverlight/Windows Media Players, thank you! Ratan

  5. Phalanger PHP compiler for .NET on CodePlex, Jaime Rodriguez details the Financial Demonstrator, Jose

  6. Earlier this week, I received an e-mail from a colleague, pointing me to a Silverlight application that

  7. Normalmente si è portati a pensare che la costruzione di interfacce innovative e ricche di contenuti,

  8. sapacool says:

    Very cool.

    Thank you vey much.

  9. Normalmente si è portati a pensare che la costruzione di interfacce innovative e ricche di contenuti,

  10. samcov says:

    I have tried to use this code, and it appears to be SilverLight 1.1, not 2.0 Beta 1.

    Is it possible to get the SilverLight 2.0 source code?


  11. samcov,

    What do you mean by this is 1.1 code, is it not compiling for you?

    This is 2.0 code (should compile and run fine).  

    If you are asking about the ‘approach’ to coding it, then yes half of this was coded in 1.1 and we did not re-write all the controls. The other half is 2.0 and you can see it uses all the controls ( Grid, Listbox, buttons, sliders, etc.).  We will keep the ‘reusable’ parts in 2.0, most important there is the charts; some of the controls are too coupled for a single re-write with out compromising on the ui, so these will not be re-written.

    Hope this helps. If not please clarify on what you want and we will try to help.

  12. thumphries says:

    Was the overall pattern craeated with Expression Design? If so can we get a copy of those files as well?

  13. Kelly White says:

    I thought I'd share a couple emails I sent that I sent around to my managers and coworkers right

  14. nick5454 says:

    Is there any plans to make a tutorial series for this app to see some examples of how it was pieced together?

  15. La version 2 de SilverLight s’adresse non seulement aux développeurs de sites Web et média mais aussi

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