world aids day is today…

Most of the time I live in a 'shoe box' not knowing what is going on outside of my family and work; today is one of these days: I totally missed World AIDS Day concert.

Beyond the concert, to me the day is a reminder of AIDS realities:

  • There are millions of people suffering from it; a lot of these are innocent children born with the disease to an already troubled family and troubled socioeconomic crisis.

  • This is a fast growing epidemic; I have been lucky to not know any one directly affected but that is likely to change if we don't get it under control (prevention, treatment and hopefully a cure). 

Any way, it is AIDS day.. no matter when you are reading this .. it is good to think about that reality once a year (at least)
[For those expecting usual techno ramble, will be back to scheduling programming tomorrow. Apologies in advance for the personal detour]


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