Requiring the Silverlight 1.0 Service Release..

  Mike Harsh announced recently the first Service release for 1.0. The release includes perf improvements, a few fixes (e.g. streaming over proxies not using port 80), and a few “new” features for SL 1.0 like allowing media redirects.  Most users will be getting this release via the auto-updater and no changes are required for most websites…


Silverlight templates for VS 2008…

If you  are running VS 2008 “Orcas” RTM .. you will need the “Silverlight Tools refresh for Vsisual studio 2008”..   released today… Website and item templates for SL 1.0 2) templates for Silverlight 1.1 alpha ( shipped in August)..      


Javascript controls for Silverlight 1.0

I have been involved in a handful of Silverlight projects where we ended up reinventing buttons, sliders, etc. I have been telling myself I would eventually merge these controls and last week I finally started;  I chose to do it from scratch taking the ‘lessons learned’ from each project so that along the way I…



I am dogfooding Silverlight Streaming Services via IFrame below.. If you don’t see an Iframe w/ controls after a couple seconds, please try this back up URL (and please do let me know about the problem)..


Designing and implementing a Silverlight Control Library..

  I have been involved in a handful of Silverlight 1.0 projects lately, so I think is time to aggregate and share a few of the lessons learned and my current thoughts on building “controls” for SL 1.0. Beyond a write-up, I hope tackle a small library over the next couple  weeks.  I want to…