silverlight stretching to 100% in Firefox…


Setting the Silverlight plugin to width = 100% and height = 100%  and then accessing plugin.content.ActualWidth works in IE, but doesn’t in Firefox.  (ActualWidth/Height is always 0). 
Using a fixed size (600,600) in firefox works fine however.


 I had worked around it before, but not researched in-depth... 


Here is a solid answer from Peter Blois:


Firefox does not default the height to fill the page, IE does. To fix this I use the CSS:

html, body {

height: 100%;

      overflow: auto;


body {

      padding: 0;

      margin: 0;



By the way, if you follow the link to his blog, check out his code sample on handling the Mouse Wheel in Javascript for Silverlight..






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