A screencast on what’s new on WPF Designer "Cider" beta2…

A belated follow-up to an earlier post about Cider...    Will try for a brief series that discusses:

  1. What's new in Beta2 ... (  lotsa new features, check details below )
  2. How to build a WPF app using Cider AND Blend ...  ( sweet spots for each tool,  brief demo of the workflow) ..
  3. Cider extensibility and features for control hosting, design-time, etc..

The 'features' screencast is available from Channel 9. It is ~10 mins of features  + 10 mins building sample app.. 
Some of the new features in the screencast you should watch out for: 

  • IDE/project stuff:

    • Templates for WPF apps  (no more extensions)

    • Remembers my preferences on how to always open a XAML file; if I choose Design Surface or XAML editor it remembers (per file-per-project)

    • User control support

    • Property windows, categories, etc.

    • Wiring up events from the designer ... One click 🙂 

  • Layout

    • Grid support with adorners

    • Panels ( StackPanel, DockPanel, etc.)

    • Snaplines

    • Guideline adorners for alignment

  • Navigation

    • Selection Sync  ( Designer, editor, property window are always in sync.. )

    • Document Outline

      • Visual Preview

  • XAML Editor

    • Reflection based intellisense ...  (yes, that means non-schema based)

    • Intellisense for mapping  xml namespaces

    • Sync selection from within the editor

    • Better perf than previous build..

    • Navigate to event handler

Please check the screencast,  and let me know if I missed some thing you like..  If there is some thing you don't like, provide feedback...

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  1. Karl (of mole fame) emails me about "The new iteration" article that Karsten and I wrote a while ago…

  2. Karl (of mole fame) emails me about "The new iteration" article that Karsten and I wrote a

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