VS2008 (Orcas) beta2 …

I often skip the "xyz" has shipped announcements.. but VS2008 "orcas" beta2  is packed with so much goodness that I had to jump in to vouch for it..   

Check out Soma/ScottGu's video on beta2 https://channel9.msdn.com/showpost.aspx?postid=329443... 

Start downloading beta2 while you watch the video, cause by the end no chance you will not be interested in playing with it..

I am getting late into it cause I was on vacation last two weeks but here is what I see so far:

  • The uninstall of beta1 and install of beta2 was surprisingly smooth for me.. that is a first..

  • I am quite interested in testing -- and hearing feedback from customers - on the WPF progress..  ( animation improvements & the features to host add-ins, in particular)..  You can read about some of the WPF improvements from tim's blog or the WPF SDK team's blog..

  • On Web development, ScottGu has the skinny on this post..

    • My experiences:

      •  I have been enjoying the much improved Javascript debugging since beta1 ...

      • I have also been using Expression Web due to the imho much better CSS support..  so it will be nice to see that goodness inside VS..

  • Today I spent two hours inside Cider beta2..   You can read about the beta2 Cider features from their wiki..  Immediately after this post, I will share some of my experience/expectations..  Sorry for 'dupe' post.. but I am guessing half of you won't read this far into  a VS2008 post...  

Still here? What r u waiting for.. Please go download it and have lots of fun... do file bugs when you find them..

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