VS2008 Cider beta2 .. feedback wanted ..

Today I spent two hours in Cider beta2..
I was not sure what to expect, I must admit in the past I had just disabled it cause I did not enjoy waiting for the “whoops” page..

Here is my first [raw,unedited, un-sugar-coded] impression…

  • The parser definitely surprised me..  A lot of my customer projects from the Vista launch opened in beta2… [a few that did not need DesignTime tweaks, same than they did in Blend]

  • I enjoyed the intellisense against my own controls…  (as opposed to old schema/hacky based intellisense)..

  • I was not as impressed with the perf…  Our team will have to improve on that (don’t worry, they are on it)

  • Overall the drag & drop into design surface felt good.. much more useful than in beta1… but I have been doing so much Blend over past year that VS felt it could use some small polishing…  that one you will have to submit as feedback, they won’t take my word for it, they know how I dress 🙁 

So why the post if it is not all perfect?? Because the time for feedback is now!!   If you have projects that the parser can’t handle, let the cider team know ..    Here is the proposal/offer …   
If for what ever reason you don’t want to download the VPC or the VS2008 DVD, drop me an email w/ your shipping address and I will ship you a DVD with a VPC — offer limited to first 50 projects, maybe more pending your patience and your project size –…  

I will come back to Cider with a more detailed review next week…  but wanted to encourage you all to try it and provide the feedback








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