Two great talks .. One on data, one on 3D ..

While I am on talks (last post)...  I saw two really good ones last week:

David, Kurt and Jordan delivered a really nice WPF talk on 3D...  This is a "tone down" talk from their advanced WPF 3D talk..  I really liked it cause it nails the core points. It did not lose too much of the depth, but it is also approachable for a person just getting started in 3D. I particularly like their "FooBar" hint ... I had never thought of it in such an insightful manner; for me, it will make explaining the 3D OM much easier 🙂


Bea had also a great WPF talk on data...  it was not only insightful, but the examples she used, specially the listbox w/ solar planet were a great showcase of WPF's template based approach to controls & data...

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