installing WPF/E SDK in my Vista machine…

Mike Harsh has a link to  known issues with WPF/E sdk .. here  

This does not touch on Vista though ... and my first attempt to install did not work..
I am told, the trick is to run the installer as "Administrator" ....     [ I guess for devs (who I hope are advanced/power users)  "Run as admin" is going to become the "reboot" magic wand we used to do in the 90s]

So I uninstalled and then re-installed with "Run as Admin" ... but still no luck ..  I then took the short cut and followed the internal manual instructions.. here is what they looked like:

1.  Update VS
 - Install this:
 - Then install this:

Note, you need to run as admin on Vista for steps below to work.

2. Save the zip file (no need to expand it) from here
to: <Program Files>\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\ProjectTemplates\CSharp\WPFE (NOTE: you need to make a WPFE folder)
3. From a command prompt run <Program Files>\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe /setup (this will register the new templates). 

4. Create a new project.  The two new project types will be under the Visual C# -> wpfe - > category.

After this, I was ready to go   ... 

{ I hope to do a real post in WPF/E in the weekend, when I have any time }

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