Cider! Cider! Cider!

No surprise, Tim is prompt to post links to latest CTP goodies Huge surprise: I am giving Cider a fair try ….

Since a few weeks ago, I have been using Cider August CTP (or candidates for it)..  It still has code parsing issues (aka whoops)… but it is a huge improvement of past releases and it has a few features that I really like:

  • SplitView — think Xamlpad, but inside VS…
  • Their Grid designer is very nifty… lots of handles to move stuff around
  • The code generated is very clean…   
  • I am weird, but I like the properties window in Cider better than Sparkle’s..

The readme for Cider’s release is in Tim’s links..  Please check it out and give Cider a try..

Does this mean I am stepping away from EiD? sorry can’t do…  but I am going back and forth; for smaller single window prototypes with not too many users controls, I am in Cider.. playing around and most important thinking about feedback and suggestions: VS2007 has a long stabilization cycle planned on their release, the time to provide feedback and suggestions is now cause they are going to move to feature complete pretty quick …






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