Notes/Interpretations from the field…

WPF evangelism has been a lot of fun lately..  many companies are popping up wanting to build the next gen UX on WPF ... (e.g. this EMAP demo, coded in record 2 weeks time-frame and with out any help from Redmond -that I am aware of)... 

My enterprise projects are definitely shaping up ..  Most of them are designed and some are well into development..  None of mine are in production yet ..  but ibloks and the northface are ... and you can see some of the progress in our apps from the new (OTTO and TSRI are enterprise projects)... 

With this progress in mind, and an eminent close down towards RTM, it is time to start sharing some of MY opinions on lessons learned/workarounds, etc..

I can't do all of them in the 30 mins I have now, but here are some topics I will flesh out soon: 

  • How are projects excuting against the WPF vision/goals

  • How to start/Ramp-up  to WPF

  • Architecture in wpf and why is it so cool ... 

  •  Is WPF for Enterprise LOB apps?

  • Databinding  -- this one just cause its fun 

  •  Hardware acceleration

  • Virtualization

  • 3D in WPD 

  •  Video in WPF  

  •  Mobility  ...  (note I am not talking about WPF/E,  I am talking about laptops and WPF )

  • Media Center

  • Performance  ..

  • Tools 

If I missed the one you are interested, email and let me know ...  I am not sure I will go in the order listed above, help prioritize if you please..

Also, if you have a different WPF app going live in beta2, let us know..

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