catch up blogs..

last two months I read no blogs -- this had to do with my moving 100% to Vista & office beta2, I read blogs from an add-in that undestandably did not work in Outlook - to be fair Idid not research/not report it..   But just now, got all my blogs caught up.. Great stuf...

here are my favorites -- sorry I did not keep track of who it came from --

StoryBoard.DesiredFrameRate - Every one should know about it already.. but just in case.. Use it if you can 🙂

WPF/E in channel9   The WPF/E team is moving at warp speed ..

The WPF Blog  -- Subscribed -- for those historically flash designers that deal with me daily ... see, I am trying to learn more about flash, so we can communicate easier ..

WPFSDK team blog  -- Subscribed! lotsa great samples.. 

ScreenSpaceLines3D --  I missed it while it was gone!

The End.. Lots of other great stuff I am sure I missed.. 









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