welcome… and what you can expect

I tried blogging once before.. it is hard work, takes discipline and having some thing smart to say ..  These are three adjectives I normally do not associate with myself..  so I will warn that I am likely not going to be a good blog-izen ..   

If you want to know what you will find here, is for the most part references and maybe announcements..   I am not sure yet... 

Why do it then?  I am an evangelist at Microsoft, helping with early adoption of WinFx and Vista..   I deal with a lot of partners/customers with whom I need to communicate... so I intend to blog some of those faqs such that I can point them here..  If any one else finds it useful,  well that is neat too..

I do read a lot of blogs.. if you are writing or doing stuff with Windows Presentation Foundation, drop me a link to your blog .. I am always eager to read how people use MS technologies to solve business problems.. 



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