Getting started with Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon)

There are lots of blogs out there on learning windows presentation foundation ... 

Tim Sneath First Steps to WPF  is praised quite a bit..    but I am more of a video/training person  so I like Filipe's list of all PDC videos ..  Unfortunately, that takes 15 hours..  A more concise list is Pablo's reccomendation   If all you have is one hour, then my personal favorite is Rob Relyea's lap around avalon  ..

Don't forget Chris Sells and Ian Griffiths have a good book out there.. The book was written w/ PDC bits (or so) but most concepts still apply and they tend to keep the samples up-to-date with the current CTP .

If none of these help, drop me a note with your specific need and I can try to point you in the right direction..

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