Supercharge your SharePoint Wiki – Adding Columns and Creating Dynamic Tables

SharePoint Wikis combine the easy editing and linking capabilities of a wiki with the power of SharePoint metadata, web parts, and views. This makes it seamless to find the right balance of structured and freeform information.

Here's what the out-of-the-box (OOB) Wiki looks like:

Default Wiki

Here's what a wiki with additional columns looks like:

Here's what the editing experience looks like:

Here is a wiki page with a dynamic table:

Sound interesting?  Let me show you how to do it yourself:

Get to the Wiki Pages library by clicking on "Wiki Pages" in the breadcrumb or on the Quick Launch. Then create a new column by selecting "Create Column" from the Settings menu.

Choose the settings for the new column, and repeat for each additional column.

To add the dynamic table to the page, first put the page in edit mode by selecting "Edit Page" from the Site Actions menu.  This is different than editing the page by clicking the "Edit" link in the toolbar above the Wiki content.

Now you can click on "Add a Web Part", and then select the library with the wiki pages:

This will place a default view on the page.  To edit the view, select "Modify Shared Web Part" from the web part edit menu, and then click on Edit the current view.

I hope this has been helpful!

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  1. yangxiao says:

    Do you know how to add comments part to wiki page, just like Confluence Wiki, or blog part in sharepoint 2007?

    I have created a "comments" list in my personal site, but it’s quite different from the "comments" list in blog part. What’s the matter?


    My email address is yangxiao9901 At

  2. haselton says:

    do you know of a best practices for using a wiki in a business enviroment?

    Thanks in advance.

    david at

  3. Ashley Roach says:

    @yangxiao: Seems like just adding a column called "Comments" in a multi-line form may work for you.  YMMV.

  4. yangxiao says:

    @Ashley: That’s not what I want. People should add comments to a wiki page. It can not just be a column.

  5. Håkan says:

    Do you know how to show Visio docs in Wiki? Not only an image but also possibility to edit the Vision doc directly?

    The Visio doc is stored at a standard SP doc lib

  6. ksat says:

    Is there a way to change where these additional columns are displayed on the page?  In otherwords, I would like to have an ABSTRACT show up first with a PAGE RATING below the article.  

    any thoughts?

  7. Sam says:

    I’d like to know if anyone ever answered yangxia’s question. I’m having this same issue myself.

  8. Jomy says:

    hey, I want to place the webpart zone on top of wiki content editor. my requirement is that administrator define some text on top of every wiki page. this text should not be editable for a normal user

  9. Marcus says:

    I did discover something tho, it might help, click on the link of the actual blog entry, then click on site actions > edit page (top right hand corner.) then click any of the add web part options ( i selected the middle one, it should bring a pop up window, at the bottom of the options for adding web parts there shoudl be a link to advanced. Click on the link the will then open advanced options to the right of your screen (scroll all the way right.) select closed web parts (should be the first option.) under it should appear the comments option.

    HOpe this helps.

  10. Mark says:

    Two things

    1) The exmaple here looks like the editing of a single page, how do we turn that page into a template so we do not have to manually apply that editing to each page, each and every time

    2) We’d actually like to have multiple tempates with headings and web parts of each being targeted to a particular category (e.g. company page would have different titled text area than freelancer than meeting notes and so on.

    Agreed, a wiki is a great and flexible way to collect information as used and found by a particular dept/org. We just want to make sure there’s a slight bit of structure in order to insure consistency, continuity, etc.

    I’m having trouble signing in. Please email me at

    Mark (dot) Simchock AT AlchemyUnited (dot) com


  11. Tom Johnson says:

    Is there any way to hide the columns while viewing the wiki page, but make them available while editing the page? Some metadata fields (columns) I have shouldn’t appear in the regular view.

  12. tomjohnson1492 says:

    I’m also interested in finding a way to append comments below the wiki, in a blog-like fashion.

  13. benitard says:

    to apend comments below the wiki page, use the process described in the article. when you are ready to add a column, go to the settings page in your wiki and select "Add from existing…" then select the predefined column called "Append-only comments".

  14. Gaston says:

    Hello, I have a webpage with two columns. In one of those columns I want a wiki page. Is it possible? I just seem to get wiki pages ‘full screen’.

  15. Jay says:

    Hi, I am using a SharePoint Wiki that our people have just rolled out.


    However, how the heck do you change the background colour of your WIKI page?

    All the ways I do know are ‘eaten up’ after the save.

    I REALLY dislike this approach where the Sharepoint developers are considered ‘users’ by Microsoft and the entire Sharepoint community.

    Who the heck are the poor saps who are forced to use Sharepoint creations?

    There is NO help for them.

    I dont have any access to the wonderful branding or template tools. Im a poor bastard who has a wiki page, trying to change its background color. This shouldnt be hard at all.

  16. strainer says:

    Tom Johnson: You can hide custom columns. You must edit this file C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12TEMPLATEDocumentTemplateswkpstd.aspx. It’s the template of wiki page.

    You can comment this entire section. Or you can add columns, which you want to hide, in ExcludeFields property.

    <TABLE class="ms-formtable" border=0 cellpadding=0 id="formTbl" cellspacing=0 width=100%>







  17. Sue says:

    Hello, I am in a similar situation as Jay. My mission is to create an "exciting" wiki within a Sharepoint extranet workgroup. I’ve found copying my base source code from my base wiki into a web WYSIWYG editor gives me some extra benefit (formatting tables, etc.), but I cannot figure out how to add a background to my wiki page. Is there some special tag to use? I’ve save the background image into the wiki graphics library, but any reference to a background is wiped out when I save the source code back into the wiki. I only have access to change things within a workgroup, if that matters. Does anyone know how I can punch this thing up?

  18. Nimrod Geva says:


    We have released a MOSS 2007 add-on called "Wiki Plus".

    This addon provides all missing classcal wiki features as a part of standard SharePoint deployment (using Fetures, site definition, content types, field types and web parts – ALL standard MOSS enhancements).

    Some of the features we added are:

    – Support for standard Wiki markup language

    – Improved content editing capabilities

    – Complete taxonomy solution (Web 2.0 tagging /  Hierarchical categories)

    – Content rating (5 stars)

    – Support for RSS feeds / Alerts / subscriptions on wiki pages

    – Content lifecycle management

    – Support for discussions on Wiki pages

    – Advanced reporting

    – Wiki content templates

    – Enable adding images and file attachments to wiki pages – the easy way!

    – Table of contents

    – True SharePoint integration – it’s all standard SharePoint behind the scenes – No separate maintenance costs!

    You can check it out by downloading a 30-days evaluation version:

  19. Keith Dahlby says:

    @Tom Johnson and strainer:

    Rather than modify wkpstd.aspx, I suggest using the ShowInDisplayForm property on your custom column.

  20. Direkter Download: SPPD-112-2009-02-20 Feedback: sharepointpodcast (at) Veranstaltungen SharePointConvention

  21. Direkter Download: SPPD-112-2009-02-20 Feedback: sharepointpodcast (at) Veranstaltungen SharePointConvention

  22. Manoj says:

    How can we move the wiki pages between 2 libraries or can we move the wiki pages to different site?

  23. SharePoint und Wiki – ein immer wieder heiß diskutiertes Thema, wenn es um Enterprise 2.0 und die richtige

  24. Dale says:

    All the pictures get smaller when you click them instead of showing full size as expected.

  25. J. Johnson (End User) says:

    I need to build a Intranet Wiki for my small department. Is it possible to add an attachment when a new wiki is added to the wiki site?

  26. Karl Schulmeisters says:

    I'm curious what Editting permissions are needed on Enterprise MOSS 2010 to enable these features.  I am building a Wiki on my corporate site and Edit Page does not give me any options for adding Web Parts or columns…

  27. SchulmKG says:

    I'm curious what Editting permissions are needed on Enterprise MOSS 2010 to enable these features.  I am building a Wiki on my corporate site and Edit Page does not give me any options for adding Web Parts or columns…

  28. schulmkg says:

    I'm curious what Editting permissions are needed on Enterprise MOSS 2010 to enable these features.  I am building a Wiki on my corporate site and Edit Page does not give me any options for adding Web Parts or columns…

  29. Podraig says:

    Sounds like a disaster to me.

    False promises a high costs.

  30. Gloin says:

    Realy nice added functionality!

    Thanks alot

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