Fsharp & Excel: Reading and writing from and to Excel

To help people to get start with programing Excel in Fsharp, I will show several common scenarios for reading and writing data from and to excel spreadsheet. The scenarios are: Example 0: Opening an exiting\Creating a new excel worksheet Example 1: Reading\Writing a cell value Example 2: Reading\Writing a row of values Example 3: Reading\Writing…


Fsharp & Excel: Creating Excel charts from F# FSI

Following up with the recent announcement on F# EasyChart, I like to point out a few .net charting libraries that can potentially be applied to the interactive development environment like the F# FSI window. VSLAB – lots feature in 3D plot, can be run as VS2010 add-in XtraCharts – Industry strength, good for drag and…


Fsharp & Excel: Calling Excel Math Functions From F# FSI

Technorati Tags: F#,Fsharp,FSI,Excel,VS2010 While I am working on compiling a list of .Net math libraries, I found a simple way to call Excel math library from F# FSI. In the following example, I will show how to use Excel’s Median, StDev and MInverse functions from F# scripting environment (FSI). Software setup: VS2010 Sp1 with Office…


F# Code-First Development with Entity Framework 4.1

As the word “code-first” implies, the EF 4.1 offers a code centric data programming paradigm. From a coder’s point of view, it requires little effort to map a very clean object model to a database. This style of programming is idea for explorative, bottom-up kind fsharp programmers. Since EF 4 CTP4 release, there have already…


Testing out MSDN Blog using Window Live Writer

Technorati Tags: live writer,Visual Studio,Pasting Tool trying out Windows Live Writer for Blogging. Here are some screen shots   I installed Visual Studio Pasting tool, here I go. it works. Module Module1 Sub Main() End Sub End Module