Silverlight Samples for OData Over SQL Azure

I've just published a some code samples that show how to build a Silverlight client for the OData Service for SQL Azure, and how to build a service that validates Secure Web Tokens (SWTs) issued by AppFabric Access Control. For more information about the client, see my earlier post about Silverlight Clients and AppFabric Access Control. To implement identity federation scenarios for the OData Service, see my earlier post and code sample that show how to use identity federation with Codename "Dallas".

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  1. says:

    I have been trying for quite a while to use the oData feed provided by SQL azure from php.

    I have tried to apply every example, but each one only contains a small part of the package.

    I have finally gotten the php SDK provided for oDada to work in an unauthenticated way.

    And I have been able to access the authenticated oData feed from C# using WebClient to retrieve a token from

    However I still can not get the PHP SDK to access the Authenticated stream.

    it asks for an ACS service name which it appends to the front of but I dint know what to tell it. what is the authentication URI for SQL AZURE oData?

    I tryed odataacs but that URL does not exist.

    Please help me out

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