"Lost" and found

Where have you been? Assuming I haven’t lost all my readers by now, due to my silence, this seems to be a reasonable question. Does anyone out there watch “Lost”? I ended up getting hooked in the beginning and now I can’t avert my eyes. As I wrote this blog, I felt the “Lost” series…


Configuring Visual Studio to Debug .NET Framework Source Code

Earlier I posted a link to the announcement on ScottGu’s blog about the framework source availiability for debugging. I wanted to follow-up with my experience using the reference source. I found the installation instructions on “Configuring Visual Studio to Debug .NET Framework Source Code” on Shawn Burke’s blog. I assume there is some official MS site…

Extensibility; Clients and Services calling each other

In this post I will be showing sample code (also found on our CodePlex site) as well as an execution sequence diagram. I will show sample code addressing some frequently asked questions; A Host calling AddIn services, AddIns calling (aka. Automation) a Host, AddIns calling AddIns, Managing AddIns (utilizing LINQ), which assemblies are loaded (Per…


You asked for it (AddIn pipeline generator)

After all, our job is to make your life easier.  I have received a *lot* of requests for a tool that can generate the Add-In pipeline segments.  Ever since we mistakenly left comments in our MSDN articles code about the pipeline source being machine generated, some of you noticed that we may have been working on…


Winforms, WPF and AppDomain isolation

We just posted a solution to consider for the F.A.Q. of how to enable isolatable WinForms applications.  Check out this link.  This solution may be considered relative to my previous post and subsequent comments.  Note that WPF startup performance costs may be mitigated by applying the [LoaderOptimization(MultiDomainHost)] attribute to the main method.  This tells the loader that the…


Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 RTM

It’s official.  We have released to manufacturing. I am personaly very excited about the Add-in addtions to the BCL, but you can also find over 250 new features in this release (e.g., LINQ).  Check out the new release here.


TechEd 2007 F.A.Q.

Hola! I just returned from TechEd 2007 held in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is a beautiful city with incredible new and old architecture. The people are very friendly and even I was able to navigate the clean public transportation systems.  Yes, I am one of those people that get lost easily and never stop to ask…


TechEd Developers conference

TechEd is shaping up to be a huge event in part due to the fact that we will not have a PDC this year.  Jesse and I will be doing a presentation on the Add-in model, and participating in a chalk talk among other things. If you have an opportunity to attend the conference please feel free to…


.Net 3.5 for ISV’s, Channel 9 video

We have modified the Soapbox video by moving the WPF on BCL Add-in model demo to the start of the video and we have posted this updated video to Channel 9.  The video will also be on the Channel 9 home page for a while. From James, “Several weeks back James Vastbinder was able to…


.Net framework source code released

Recently I was speaking to a group of ISV’s and Enterprise partners and as we spoke about the continued transparency of Microsoft, I vaguely mentioned more is coming.  Well, here it is.  ScottGu’s blog post goes into the details of opening up our framework source code to the developer community. Enjoy, JackG