Silverlight 2, Beta 2 and the 2008 Olympics

Some time ago I wrote a post about the announced Silverlight 2 product.

While I received a number of favorable comments, I also received some skepticism. We have been working hard on delivering on our goals in the form of providing an amazing media experience for the 2008 Olympics. Here is a link to the NBC Olympic site where you can see the implementation of Silverlight 2, Beta2.

I found the web site ( experience to be incredible! I only wish I had the equivalent on my TV.

I hope those who were skeptical, now feel more confident in our delivery. Yep, it's still a Beta (2) but running the Olympics on our breadth of technology should give you a higher level of confidence. Enjoy.

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  1. some one says:

    I wont go off the deep end as I have on other MS blogs. You need to be clear.

    It is the Broadcast of the Olympics that is done in Silver Light. Not the web site. Don’t go to the links provided looking for Silver Light you will find Flash.

    If you want to see the Silver Light you should have a link to go here. More people at MS have dropped the ball on this.

    You should have a link to the video section:

    or the MSN site the explain (correctly) what is going on

    not the home page. It looks like false advertisement taking them somewhere and they find Falsh.

    Here is an example of BLOGs doing it right:

    Funny I can’t read it but it was done correctly:

  2. Thanks "some one" for the clarification. My intent was *not* to insinuate that the entire site was built on Silverlight technology. I have changed my links to go directly to the video content which utilizes SL.

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