.Net 3.5 for ISV’s, Channel 9 video

We have modified the Soapbox video by moving the WPF on BCL Add-in model demo to the start of the video and we have posted this updated video to Channel 9.  The video will also be on the Channel 9 home page for a while. From James, “Several weeks back James Vastbinder was able to…


Is that Brad Pitt on www.wevegottaguy.com?

Check out http://www.wevegottaguy.com/ and see if you recognize that handsome guy representing the Small Business Specialists 😉  The videos on the right hand side are pretty darn funny.  Pure Improve!  It was a pleasure working with these skilled actors in these skits.  Apparently my videos are coming soon, or on the cutting room floor L…


.Net framework source code released

Recently I was speaking to a group of ISV’s and Enterprise partners and as we spoke about the continued transparency of Microsoft, I vaguely mentioned more is coming.  Well, here it is.  ScottGu’s blog post goes into the details of opening up our framework source code to the developer community. Enjoy, JackG