Side by Side CLR’s in Process!

It's a great time to be a managed code developer!  Our fearless leader, Jason Zander, has just blogged about our plans to enable the frequently requested feature of in-proc SxS CLR's.  To date, it has been difficult for me to respond (i.e., not comment) to inquiries from ISV's about our plans to enable SxS CLR's in process.  I suppose it may have helped my poker skills.

The work we have done on Silverlight has included architectural enhancements to enable the "full" CLR and BCL(s) to run SxS in process.  This functionality further strengthens our upcoming extensibility offering of the Orcas Add-In BCL.

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  1. Random Developer says:

    Yeah, just what you need….  One bloated product having not one but MULTIPLE bloated 20++MB runtimes loaded in memory.  What a joke!

  2. Random, I appreciate your passion but if you would like me to understand your concerns, I’ll need a little more than broad discontent.

    Do you have recommendations on what would be “acceptable”?  I would rather not speculate on whether your concern is over shared memory (or lack of), the size of the libraries as a result of things like InterOp support, whether your scenarios care about deployment or enablement of multiple versions, etc..  Of course, every decision comes with a trade off.  I would love to hear from the community what constitutes an acceptable trade-off and what is core vs. optional.

  3. DL says:

    So, does this enhancement apply to the .NET framework 3.5 as well? Will it also run side by side in process with other versions of the CLR?

  4. DL, Silverlight may run in proc with the 2.0 CLR but you may only have one 2.0 CLR(i.e., v3.5)in proc.  Jason does a more comprehensive explanation here ( – JackG

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