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My new role as a Software Architect on the Common Language Runtime (.Net), is currently focused on engaging with ISV/VAR/SI customers. I am interested in understanding your .Net architectural adoption issues and identifying desired platform feature requests and enhancements.

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Microsoft and the Developer Division in particular, has taken a proactive role in community participation in order to deliver the products our customers desire. The days of developing products we think our customers need, are over. The level of openness within Microsoft is unprecedented. Access to product engineers in forums like this blog are benefiting our customers and the products we deliver. This level of openness and participation in defining the products you desire and is limited only by your engagement and our ability to deliver. So please use this posting as the beginning of a conversation with someone (me :-), who is formally tasked with engaging and facilitating the new features and enhancements you need within the .Net platform.

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result = MessageBox.Show("Do you wish to have a .Net adoption dialog on architectural issues?", "ISV/VAR/SI", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo);

if (result == DialogResult.Yes) {

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Where's Waldo?


I recently presented an introduction to the WinFX Add-in model to the Longhorn SDR (Software Design Review) in Bellevue, Washington at the Westin hotel. This was a great opportunity for us to engage with the customer on upcoming features. For those of you that I met at the SDR with follow-up questions, please feel free to use this blog to send me emails, reply with feedback and questions either anonymously or not.

Coming soon to a theater near you

I will be presenting and participating in 3 upcoming MSDN WebCasts: An ISV .Net adoption series

  1. An ISV insight into the CLR and .Net framework 2.0 features.
    Are you interested in migrating to the .Net platform? Or gaining a deeper insight into what makes the .Net platform compelling to a solution provider? Or both? If you answered yes, then you won't be disappointed at an under the hood look at the features you care about within the CLR and .Net framework 2.0.
    Presenters/Participants: Jack Gudenkauf, Brad Abrams, and James Vastbinder
    Presentation date: 4/20/06 10:00am-11:00am PST
    To Register click here

  2. An ISV insight into Visual Studio Tools for Applications.
    Are you interested in providing a redistributable Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Design Time (DT), and Run time (RT) that offers a rich managed customization environment for developers?
    Presenters/Participants: Jack Gudenkauf, Eric Schnepp
    Presentation date: 05/18/06 11:00am PST
    To Register click here

  3. An ISV insight into the WinFX Add-in model.
    Have you ever wanted to have your application dynamically load and communicate with generic components at runtime? Interested in how to create independently versioning, mutually distrustful components, that work together? This talk will discuss how to address versioning and isolation utilizing the WinFX Add-in model.
    Presenters/Participants: Jack Gudenkauf
    Presentation date: 05/25/06 2:00pm PST
    To Register click here

I will also be presenting a Live meeting on 05/23/06 on the WinFX Add-in Model.

International .NET Association (INETA). INETA facilitates interactions between the thriving .NET third party community and the .NET user group community.

Have you ever wanted to have your application dynamically load and communicate with generic components at runtime? Interested in how to create independently versioning, mutually distrustful components, that work together? This talk will discuss how to address versioning and isolation utilizing the WinFX Add-in model.

I believe the link to join the meeting is here.


If you plan on attending the Microsoft partner conference on 7/11/06-7/13/06 in Boston, I would like to schedule some time with you to discuss .Net feature requests. Or maybe just partake in a Sam Adam's Boston lager 🙂

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  1. Jim says:

    I would like to basically ask for one thing: embedded .NET in an executable.  I’ve run into too many scenarios where .NET is not deployed in an organization.  The ability to embed all the .NET required runtimes into an assembly would make all the difference in adoption of apps that run on .NET.

  2. Thanks for the question Jim.

    I understand your desire to have basic components already on the machine.  The more managed app’s that are built, the more likely the framework will be on the machine 🙂

    There is a .Net framework redistributable available.  The redist can be packaged with your application to provide everything in one package.  

    From MSDN

    "Brief Description

    The Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 (x86) redistributable package installs the .NET Framework runtime and associated files required to run applications developed to target the .NET Framework v2.0."

    Here is a link for the 2.0 redist.


  3. JDub says:


     Thanks for the response, but you’re totally missing my point.  I completley realize that .NET can be redistributed via GPO or other products such as BigFix, but the point is that IT admins for Small-Medium business don’t have, or are unwilling to, install these deployment services.  As well, I’ve run into many scenarios where the IT admins aren’t convinced that .NET won’t interfere with their current production applications.  However, if an application takes 10 Megs more on disk, they really don’t care.  

     Again, this is surely not my personal preference; I wish Microsoft had done a better job of *requiring* .NET 1.1 as a critical fix to the OS, but unfortunetly, this hasn’t happened.  As well, MS has done a very poor job of marketing the distribution of it’s framework  to the desktops which is slowing the adoption.    I sinceley hope you take my comments as being a construtive point of view from an ISV .NET development company.

  4. I had an opportunity recently to chat briefly to Eric Hahn (of Netscape and Lookout fame) about his next…

  5. Jim,

    We definitely take these suggestions and concerns as constructive feedback.  This is exactly the type of feedback I am looking for.  Your concerns have been expressed by others and we have been working to address them.

    Vista (the Windows Client O/S) will ship WinFX on the DVD, so this should help in the distribution.  As far as your install question is concerned, I will have more positive information on this subject in the coming days.  Stay tuned.

    The more managed applications that are written, the more penetration we will have.  Thanks for being part of this effort.

    You are correct, in that we made the 1.1 release a *recommended* upgrade, not a required update.  It is a delicate balance between pushing out updates and recommending them.  Service packs and patches are sent out via Windows update as a *required* update.

    As a former MIS director, I understand the IT Admin’s concerns of environment destabilization.  We go to great lengths to test our software and ensure robustness in our compatibility labs (http://www.gotdotnet.com/team/changeinfo/compatibility/).  Concerns over destabilization should be mitigated by the stability of 2.0, as we did a tremendous amount of testing and hardening as a result of VS, and SQL integration of .Net.  Microsoft itself, eats a lot of dog food to ensure stability.  We have a number of LOB (Line of Business) applications running on .Net and our IT department pushes out updates to our corporate network VERY regularly.

    Thanks for your feedback.  Keep it comming.

  6. Follow-up.

    I promised more information on distribution and WinFX installation as I received it and here it is: WPF (along with WinFX) will be installed by default on Windows Vista.

  7. tw says:

    What do you think about the Add-in model of the #Develop project?

  8. I am not familiar with this.  Can you send me some links?

  9. This was my first webcast, so please be patient through the beginning.  It gets much better there…

  10. tw, I did a search for this and this subject is in an area I’m not comfortable researching.  If you have specific questions about the WinFX Add-in model, or my blog entries on the subject, I would be glad to discuss them.

    Thanks for your inquiry.

  11. I receive several frequently asked questions on VSTA and the WinFX Add-in model, so I thought I would…

  12. I want to thank all those who participated in the second of three ISV Webcasts series I have been involved…

  13. I receive several frequently asked questions on VSTA and the WinFX Add-in model, so I thought I would

  14. Last year, I did a webcast when I was attending an SI (Solution/System Integrator) Architect conference

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