Visual Studio 2005 and .Net 2.0 Beta2 available!

Visual Studio 2005 Beta2 is now available.

You may have heard about the code name "Whidbey", which is used to refer to the Visual Studio 2005 tools as well as the .Net CLR.  Where did this naming convention come from, you ask?  Well, the previous version of VS and .Net were named "Everett".  Everett is a city north west of Redmond.  And so it stood to reason that choosing another location north of Everett for the next version was the logical choice.  Whidbey is an island north of Everett in the state of Washington.

Here is the matrix

Code Name Visual Studio .Net (Framework + CLR)
Everett 2003 v 7.1 v 1.1
Whidbey 2005 v 8.0 v 2.0

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