Security Assessment using Office 365 Secure Score

Numerous partners today are reselling Office 365 through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. To ensure customer stickiness it is recommended that each partner include some intellectual property (IP) with their service offering. This additional IP should go beyond great support, it should be something that adds value to the solution such as additional analytics….


Partner Center Labs

Cloud solution providers achieve scale and profitability by automating management and integrating their existing customer relationship management, billing, and operational systems with Microsoft’s Partner Center. Using the Partner Center API/SDK, partners can create integrations to manage customer accounts, place orders, manage resellers, manage subscriptions, handle support requests, and monitor customers’ Azure consumption. To help partners…


Data Connector SDK and Partner Center

The Data Connector SDK enables you to create custom connector for Power BI and Power Query. These connectors have the ability to bind to applications, data sources, and services. All of this enables you to provide rich business intelligence and robust analytics over multiple data sources. Through this SDK you can develop a connector that…


Cloud Solution Provider: Reseller Relationship

With respect to the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program a reseller relationship is the mechanism that grants a partner the ability to manage a customer’s services or subscriptions. This feature makes it possible for a customer to leverage their existing Azure AD tenant and for them to get services from multiple different agreements (CSP, Direct,…


Cloud Solution Provider: Pre-consent

The Azure Active Directory (AAD) consent framework provides company administrators, and individual users, a mechanism for governing an application’s access to resources. This framework ensures that only authorized applications can access resources that belong to a specific company or user. While the consent framework provides a vital security mechanism it creates two problems for Cloud…


Migrating to Exchange Online

There are numerous third party tools available today that will help with migrating from just about any email platform to Office 365. While these tools are extremely valuable it is possible to leverage the built in tools to perform the migration in certain scenarios. All of these methods of migration require that someone with elevate…


CSP Development Recommendations

Designing a system to manage resources typically done through Partner Center can be a complex task based on the requirements for the application being developed. If we were to consider a portal that provides the ability to manage customers, subscriptions, and users it is likely that the portal will leverage Microsoft Graph, Partner Center API,…


Partner Center and the Bot Framework

The Microsoft Bot Framework is a comprehensive offering that is utilized to build and deploy high quality bots for users to enjoy. It provides just what is needed to build, connect, manage and publish intelligent bots that interact naturally wherever users are talking – from text/SMS to Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Office 365 mail…


Partner Center API and Azure Resource Utilization

Thanks to the hard work from the Partner Center team we are now able to query Azure usage records directly from the Partner Center API. With this update to the Partner Center API we can now perform everything that the CREST API can and a whole lot more! Numerous partners ask how they can generate…


Reseller Storefront

Over the past several weeks I have received numerous questions from various partners regarding the reseller storefront. This project is a web application that acts as a storefront for Microsoft partners and enables them to sell Microsoft offers to their customers. It can be deployed directory from Partner Center or using the Azure Resource Manager…