A Few Good Posts on WPF 4

Yesterday, we celebrated the official release of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4. Check out Bob Muglia’s keynote here. One of the major changes in VS 2010 is the fact that its UI was built using WPF. We in the WPF team had to do a fair amount of work to support the migration of…


February 2010 WPF Toolkit Release

I am happy to announce that we have just released the February 2010 release of the WPF Toolkit! The toolkit contains updated versions of previously released components (DataGrid, DatePicker, Calendar and VSM) as well as WPF ports of 3 popular controls from the Silverlight toolkit — the AutoCompleteBox, Accordion and Rating controls. Check out this…


Application Accessibility Testing

A lot of our customers and partners have asked us to provide guidance on how to make their WPF and Silverlight applications accessible, so I decided to publish a post folks can refer to. Note most of the content below is directly applicable to any other Windows application.   Introduction In general “Accessibility” means two…


TestApi v0.4 Released!

I am happy to announce that we have just released version 0.4 of TestApi – the testing API library – on Codeplex. Version 0.4 contains the following additions and modifications: An improved Combinatorial Variation Generation API with added support for parameter value weights and tags (for “negative” variations); A new Memory Leak Detection API allowing…


TestApi Slide-Deck from the Patterns & Practices Summit

This week is Microsoft’s Patterns & Practices summit in Redmond. Earlier today I gave a 15-minute presentation on TestApi. Here is the slide-deck: Test api View more presentations from ivom1234.


WPF Control Verifier v0.1 Released!

Our strategy to improve WPF and .NET application quality has 3 major pillars: Provide guidance on how to create high-quality applications; Provide reusable API libraries for automated application testing and monitoring; Provide tools to help create and debug applications and components. To address (1), we have released several versions of the WPF Application Quality Guide,…


WPF MVVM Toolkit 0.1 Released!

Model-View separation is not a novel idea in the software industry. It has been around for at least 30 years. Recently, however, MV separation is seeing a lot of renewed interest, powered both by the growing complexity of software and by the need to provide different UI experiences, reusing the same underlying business logic. WPF…


WPF Application Quality Guide v0.5 Released!

I am happy to announce that we have released CTP 5 of the “WPF Application Quality Guide” – our single-stop document for WPF application and component developers and testers. CTP 5 comes with the following new and updated content: New content: “Considerations for WPF Browser Applications” “Integration and Scenario Testing” “XAML Editing Tools and Visual…


TestApi v.0.2 Released!

I am excited to announce that we have just released the second preliminary version of TestApi – the testing API library – on http://codeplex.com/testapi! The v.0.2 package includes the following additions and modifications: Improved command-line parsing APIs Improved visual verification APIs A new tolerance map visual verifier in SnapshotToleranceMapVerifier New operations on snapshot (And and…


PhotoSuru – A Great WPF Sample Application

I am pleased to announce that our team just released PhotoSuru – a complete sample application demonstrating how to use the Syndicated Client Experiences Starter Kit for photo-viewing scenarios. Big kudos to Kevin Gjerstad (our GPM) and the many other folks on the team who worked on this fantastic WPF application. Check out photoSuru here…