Move to California, Principles, etc.

A couple of quick announcements…

First, about a month ago we moved to California. It was a bit of a bitter-sweet move for us. On one hand, we left behind a lot of good friends and colleagues – it felt like the end of an era. On another, while Seattle itself is a nice city, we never got used to the rain – we’ve been aching for sunshine for 9+ years. The release of WPF 4 and VS 2010 presented the right time to make the jump, so we made the jump we had been thinking of. I took a position in the Mediaroom team, working at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Campus in Mountain View. The past 3.5 years in WPF were fantastic – I worked with great people, worked for a great manager (Ian Ellison-Taylor) and shipped 3 great versions of WPF, culminating with WPF 4, which now powers the $1B Visual Studio business.

Second, a change is always a good opportunity for a retrospective brain-dump. So in the coming weeks I will be sharing some pearls of wisdom (“the principles”) that guided our execution in the WPF team. Hopefully, you’ll find them useful…

As for Cali, give me a shout if you are in the vicinity and want to hook up!

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  1. Ricky says:

    Congratulations !

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