TestApi Slide-Deck from the Patterns & Practices Summit

This week is Microsoft’s Patterns & Practices summit in Redmond. Earlier today I gave a 15-minute presentation on TestApi. Here is the slide-deck:

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  1. ae says:

    Can I use TestAPI and Unit Test in VS 2008 ?? ThanksGreetings

  2. ivom1 says:


    Yes, you can. We have VS unit test samples as part of the TestApi package (see the …SamplesMSTest subdirectory).

  3. cp says:

    What is the differnce between TestAPI and White?

  4. ivom1 says:


    See my answer to Hyung Nam from 12/10/2008 on testapi.codeplex.com/…/archive


  5. YH says:

    What's the difference between TestAPI and UI Automation supported in VS2010?

  6. NR says:

    What is the difference between Coded UI tests in VSTS 2010 and TestAPI?

  7. Ivo Manolov says:

    @NR and YH:

    They augment each other and can be used together.

    TestApi is a general purpose API library that can be used within a variety of different contexts – from within a VS test to a standalone app. TestApi enables development of tools and/or automated tests, both in a whitebox and black box fashion. It is not specifically targeted to any type of testing.

    Coded UI is a facility in VS that allows you to automate your UI tests, using the UIA API under the covers. It's specifically targeted to UI tests.


  8. sunny says:


    Please help me how to prepare tolerance map..i finished walkthrough. But i couldn't able to understand..Please please help me..

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