"Starter Kit" Released!

I am delighted to broadcast that earlier today our team released the "Syndicated Client Experiences (SCE) Starter Kit and Reader SDK", affectionately known as "Starter Kit".

The "Starter Kit" is a generalized application skeleton, that allows you as a developer to create reader applications similar to the popular NY Times Reader (#25 in PC World's list of 100  Best Products of 2007). The Kit combines the power of WPF with standardized communication protocols (RSS) to deliver a superior occasionally connected reading experience.

A few existing applications, based on the Starter Kit:

Check it out. The Kit comes with complete source code.

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  1. Joe says:

    But why does the MSDN reader need Admin to install?

  2. Mike Weeks says:

    I downloaded the starter kit and the msdn reader. The msdn reader downloaded a few articles and stopped. If I hit the right arrow key, most of the pages are blank.

    The SCE is supposed to have the source for the msdn reader and a photo viewer. I don’t see either of these there. Am I missing something or are these coming later?

  3. Chris Han (MSFT) says:

    Hi Mike,

     Thanks for spotting this issue. We’ve now fixed this and reposted the application. It is available for download here:


  4. Jim Steele says:

    I’m having the same issues Mike mentioned even with the updated install. Many of the articles deliver nothing but a blank page with the "blue bar MSDN branding"; hitting the right arrow key brings up more blank pages than article content. I’ve also looked in vain to find the photo viewer application and/or its source code.


  5. Jim Steele says:

    PS – Don’t want to forget to mention that this release is very much appreciated. Looks like a cool toy with real world practical application. Thanks to all who put this together.

  6. Chris Han (MSFT) says:

    Hi Jim,

     Apologies, we updated the MSDN application with a fix to the issue. However, you’ll need to restart the application for the update to apply and also follow the below steps to clean the cache. The photoviewer application is something we’re still actively developing and have not yet released. We unfortunately forgot to remove it from the documentation. Apologies about both issues that you’ve run into. Also thank you very much for the positive comment.

    Hope you enjoy using it,

    Chris Han


    1. Close MSDN Reader


    On Vista:

    Navigate to this directory: C:Users**Your user name here**AppDataLocalMSDN ReaderMsdnReader

    and delete the ‘Cache’ folder.

    On XP or Server2003:

    Go to C;Documents and Settings**Your user name here**Local SettingsApplication DataMSDN ReaderMsdnReader

    and delete the ‘Cache’ folder.

    3. Restart the MSDN application, it should begin syncing and you should see the actual data.

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