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A couple of months ago I met with a few interns as part of a small networking event held at the Microsoft company museum. I wanted to show them a particularly cool WPF XBAP developed by an external company, but I could not remember the correct URL and I couldn't find the right WPF app list out there that had a pointer to that application... So I decided to start my own shiny WPF application list, which I will evolve with time. I am also providing pointers to the existing app lists out there that I am aware of.

WPF is getting great adoption, so I am pretty sure that very soon all of these lists will become meaningless, crushed by the sheer number of available applications. Until then...

Application Type / Deployment Notes
Asahiyama Zoo XBAP The portal of one of the largest zoos in Japan.
Cine.View Standalone Desktop Netflix application.
Da.Code Standalone  
Denounce Standalone Blog and podcast reader.
Daily Mail eReader Standalone Newsreader application from Daily Mail (one of the largest British newspapers).
Disney Hong Kong Vista Sidebar Gadget & Standalone A Windows Vista sidebar gadget and a standalone application presenting Hong Kong Disneyland.
Family.Show Standalone A fully functional sample WPF genealogy application, developed by Vertigo Software in collaboration with Microsoft. The complete source code of the application is available for download and modification.
Flotzam Standalone A mash-up of Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and blogs, created by Karsten Januszewski (developer) and Tim Aidlin (designer).
Forbes.com Reader Standalone Newsreader application from Forbes.
Metaliq Standalone Snowboarding data visualization.
MSDN Reader Standalone The MSDN Reader allows you to browse through MSDN Magazine articles like never before. Read through articles, view figures and code snippets in an intuitive and easy-to-use experience. The MSDN Reader is based on the SCE Starter Kit & Reader SDK (see below).

The complete source code for the reader is also provided for you here.

NoteScraps Standalone Virtual sticky notes.
Nostalgia Standalone Flickr photo browser application.
PoshConsole Standalone A PowerShell console with UI written in WPF. Available on CodePlex.
Quixotry XBAP A game similar to Scrabble.
RIPT Standalone An excellent scrapbook application, allowing you to record URLs, documents, etc. in a "pile" of related stuff.
RSS Reader Standalone RSS feed reader
Sawdust XBAP A 3D workbench application.
SCE Starter Kit & Reader SDK Standalone The "Starter Kit" is two things: a) a generic template for a Reader application (see "Times Reader" below) and b) a one-stop synchronization service for Reader applications.

The "Starter Kit" comes with complete source code that will allow you to quickly develop and deploy rich desktop applications similar to the NY Times Reader.

StickySpaces Standalone Virtual sticky notes.
ThoughtEx.NET Standalone Idea mapping application.
Times Reader Standalone One of the top 25 products in PC World's list of 100 Best Products of 2007, the New York Times Reader is a unique reading experience that showcases the power of WPF. This is the original WPF killer application.
Tripogo XBAP A slick travel booking web site.
UniveRSS Standalone A demo 3D RSS feed reader created and published as part of the "The Panel" program by Microsoft EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). Complete source code and documentation available.
Valil's Chess XBAP, Standalone A chess game developed by Valentin Iliescu
Windows Vista Magazine XBAP Newsreader application from
Yahoo Messenger Standalone A WPF version of Yahoo's popular IM client.
Zurich Airport XBAP A fascinating web application showing live data from the Zurich Airport. 


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Comments (4)

  1. Maulik Joshi says:

    Its a really good blog for WPF. Good list of the applcation developed in WPF

  2. Maulik Joshi says:

    Its a really good blog for WPF. Good list of the applcation developed in WPF.

  3. VO01 says:

    There is also ViewOn.tv , a complete Media Player based on WPF.


  4. Anthony says:

    There is a really cool music DJ application using WPF at http://rocudo.com/r/

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