Free scripts and tools for your Production SQL Server

Yes, that is right – FREE scripts and tools, created by Microsoft SQL Server Tiger PM Team (blog | twitter) are now live on Microsoft repository in So, go to and enjoy the free stuff. Some notes on the solutions I’ve already used on a lot of production environments: – SQL Server Performance…


It’s October, it’s time for SQL Saturday in Sofia

  As a well established tradition, this year’s SQL Saturday #538 Sofia is again in October. Just last week the organizers published the event schedule and as usual, there will be a ton of sessions to choose from and a lot to learn. I had the pleasure to participate in the session selection and I…


Plan cache pollution or how important it is to properly define parameters in code

Recently I was involved in couple of cases concerning plan cache taking more than 20% of the SQL Server Buffer Cache and although there is no fixed threshold/best practices value, I noticed that there were a lot of identical statements getting cached. Effective plan caching is important for optimal performance on SQL Server and I…


How to get notified for a new SQL Server update

Getting notifications on new SQL Server releases like patches, hotfixes, security updates, etc. is a very important and critical task for all IT professionals, responsible for administering SQL Server environments. Actually, this check is one of the few critical ones, that Microsoft is considering when evaluating any given instance on its health and risk status….