Windows Intune er lansert! Delta på workshop 30.mars 2011 i Oslo

Windows teamet har gleden av å invitere til en eksklusiv workshop på Windows Intune 30. mars.

Gjennom en hel dag kan du lære om Windows Intune fra Microsoft´s beste ressurser!

Med Windows Intune kan du dra nytte av Microsoft sin nettskyløsning og Windows 7 for å forenkle

PC- håndtering og realisere nye muligheter i markedet, samtidig som du tilbyr økt verdi for kunden

til en lavere kostnad.

Kurset vil bli holdt på engelsk og du bør ha med PC, da det legges opp til øvelser på egne PCer.

Vi har begrenset kapasitet så her gjelder det å være tidlig ute.

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Windows Intune Workshop

Windows Intune is a comprehensive solution that brings together cloud services and an upgrade subscription for the Windows 7 operating system, to help simplify PC management and security. Leverage the power of Windows Intune software and services to grow your business and provide greater value to your customers- all at a lower cost to you.

To participate in the class, you need to bring a laptop that has the following specifications:

· 1 GHz 32-bit/64-bit or greater processor required

· 2 GB, or more, of physical RAM

· At least 15 GB of available free hard disk space

· DVD-ROM for installing course materials and student virtual machine

· Pre-Install before the training – Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 Service Pack (SP1) for computers running Windows Vista® or Windows Virtual PC for computers running Windows 7.

· If you do not have Virtual PC Installed or require support for hardware virtualization (For more details, see )

· Windows® Internet Explorer® or another browser that supports Microsoft® Silverlight®.

Why should you take advantage of Windows Intune? The features and capabilities of Windows Intune enable you to:

· Increase your revenue. Realize new economic opportunities with Microsoft cloud services—from Windows deployments and managed services to recurring sales revenue for each Windows Intune subscription you sell.

· Reach new customers. Reselling Windows Intune and other Microsoft cloud services enables you to reach a broader spectrum of customers, wherever they are based.

· Accelerate the sales cycle. Remove the barrier of up-front investments and lengthy approval cycles to accelerate your sales with the simple Windows Intune subscription model.

Your participation on this course will be highly valuable.

Windows Intune Team

30.mars 2011

08:00 16:00

Felix konferansesenter Aker Brygge

Bryggetorget 3

0125 Oslo


08:00 - 08:20

Introduction to the workshop

A quick overview of the contents and goals of this course

08:20 - 09:50

Windows Intune Overview

This module introduces Windows Intune as a tool to manage and secure PCs across a distributed network.

09:50 – 10:00

Coffee Break

10:00 - 11:15

Deploying and Installing the Windows Intune Client

This module describes the Windows Intune client, deployment options that Windows Intune administrators have, the client installation process, and how to troubleshoot and resolve installation failures.

11:15 - 11:45

Lunch Break

11:45 - 12:45

Computer Administration by Using Windows Intune

This module explains how to manage computers in a customer's environment by using Windows Intune.

12:45 - 14:00

Windows Intune Systems Management

This module explains the Windows Intune system management features and how to use them.

14:00 - 14:15

Coffee Break

14:15 - 15:30

Using the Windows Intune Center

This module explains how to use the Windows Intune Center client. Of particular focus is the Remote Assistance feature, which enables Windows Intune client users to contact their administrators to help them troubleshoot problems on their PCs, including Windows 7 installation issues.

15:30 - 16:00

FAQs and Evaluations


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