Sikkerhet i Windows Azure

Vi har samlet en del ressurser for å informere om sikkerhet generelt for skybaserte tjenester samt direkte henvisninger til funksjonalitet i Windows Azure. En oversikt over ulike white papers, artikler og webcasts finner du på vår samleside 'Security Resources for Windows Azure'. Ressurser på SQL Azure og Windows Azure AppFabric er også tilgjengelig. Listen over ressurser oppdateres kontinuerlig så sjekk innom her.

Single Sign-On from Active Directory to a Windows Azure Application

This paper contains step-by-step instructions for using Windows Identity Foundation, Windows Azure, and Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 2.0 for achieving single sign-on (SSO) across web applications that are deployed both on premises and in the cloud. Previous knowledge of these products is not required for completing the proof of concept (POC) configuration. This document is meant to be an introductory document, and it ties together examples from each component into a single, end-to-end example.

Windows Azure Security Notes

This document from the Patterns and Practices team and developed with help from customers, field engineers, product teams, and industry experts provides solutions for securing common application scenarios on Windows Azure based on common principles, patterns, and practices.

Windows Azure Security Overview

This paper provides a comprehensive look at the security available with Windows Azure. Written by Charlie Kaufman and Ramanathan Venkatapathy, the paper examines the security functionality available from the perspectives of the customer and Microsoft operations, discusses the people and processes that help make Windows Azure more secure, and provides a brief discussion about compliance.

Security Best Practices for Developing Windows Azure Applications

This paper focuses on the security challenges and recommended approaches to design and develop more secure applications for Microsoft's Windows Azure platform authored by Microsoft Security Engineering Center (MSEC) and Microsoft's Online Services Security & Compliance (OSSC) team along with Windows Azure product group.

Cloud Security - Crypto Services and Data Security in Windows Azure

This MSDN Magazine article introduces some of the basic concepts of cryptography and related security within the Windows Azure platform. The article also reviews some of the cryptography services and providers in Windows Azure and discusses the security implications for any transition to Windows Azure.

Securing Microsoft's Cloud Infrastructure

This paper by the Online Services Security and Compliance (OSSC) team shows how the coordinated and strategic application of people, processes, technologies, and experience results in continuous improvements to the security of the Microsoft cloud environment.

J.D. Meier's blog posts on Windows Azure security

J.D. Meier is a principal program manager for developer guidance at Microsoft and has contributed to several of Microsoft's patterns and practices books. His blog gives him a way to convey his knowledge of his latest research efforts, which have recently been focused on security for Windows Azure.

TechNet Webcast - Windows Azure Security - A Peek Under the Hood (Level 100)

In this Security Talk webcast, Charlie Kaufman, a software architect on the Windows Azure team at Microsoft, describes how the Windows Azure software is structured to accept software and configuration requests from customers, deploy the software within virtual machines, and allocate storage and database resources to hold a persistent state-all while maintaining a minimal attack surface and several layers of defense in depth. Charlie also demonstrates how Windows Azure security compares with systems operated on a customer's premises. (60:00)

MSDN Webcast - Security Talk - Using Windows Azure Storage Securely (Level 200)

In this Security Talk webcast, Jai Haridas, an engineer on the Windows Azure Storage team at Microsoft, covers how to store and access data securely, and how to share blobs with other users using container access control lists (ACLs) and the SAS feature. Jai also discusses some of the best practices for using Windows Azure Storage. (60:00)

MSDN Webcast - Security Talk - Azure Federated Identity Security Using ADFS 2.0 (Level 300)

In this Security Talk webcast, John Steer, a security architect for the Microsoft IT Information Security group, explains how to create an Windows Azure application using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) 2.0 Security Token Service (STS), previously known as Geneva Server, for back-end authentication. (60:00)

Cloud Cover Episode 8 - Shared Access Signatures

In this episode of Cloud Cover, learn how to create and use Shared Access Signatures (SAS) in Windows Azure blob storage and discover how to easily create SAS signatures yourself. (41:50)

Cloud Cover Episode 15 - Certificates and SSL

In this episode of Cloud Cover, learn how certificates work in Windows Azure and how to enable SSL. Also, discover a tip on uploading public key certificates to Windows Azure. (29:08)

Security for SQL Azure

SQL Azure Firewall

This MSDN library article describes the SQL Azure firewall and how to use it to protect data from unwanted access.

Security Guidelines and Limitations (SQL Azure Database)

This MSDN library article describes guidelines and limitations for the following security-related aspects of SQL Azure databases: firewall, encryption and certificate validation, authentication, login and users, and security best practices.

Getting Started with SQL Azure

This MSDN library article describes how to set the firewall settings using the SQL Azure portal. It also explains how to overcome firewall errors.

Security Guidelines for SQL Azure

This TechNet Wiki article provides an overview of security guidelines for customers connecting to SQL Azure Database, and building secure applications on SQL Azure.

Security-related posts on the SQL Azure team blog

These posts on the SQL Azure team blog help customers with a variety of security-related concerns that are top-of-mind for the community.

Microsoft SQL Azure Security Model

This IT Mentors training video covers authentication and authorization for SQL Azure. (30:00)

Security for Windows Azure AppFabric

Securing and Authenticating an AppFabric Service Bus Connection

This MSDN Library article discusses how develop applications that use the Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus to perform secure connections.

Building Applications that Use AppFabric Access Control

This MSDN Library article discusses how to use the Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control service (AC) in your applications to build trust with Web services, request tokens, use the management service, and access control quotas.

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