European ISV Convention – London 26.03.2014

IT Europa's seventh European ISV Convention is a pan-European event that brings together the leading independent software vendors with leading hardware and software platform providers, service providers, systems integrators and solution providers to develop business partnerships and capitalise on the evolution of the IT industry within an increasingly applications and solutions-driven world.

Innovation, Intelligence and Integration – Driving better business outcomes

At the European ISV Convention 2014 delegates will have an unrivalled opportunity to share knowledge with their peers and hear, at first hand, the views of major hardware and software vendors and service providers on how to create and market application software that deliver better business outcomes for their customers.
"Organisations across Europe are demanding software solutions that enable them to better understand their customers, their own business operations and the marketplace they operate in and then rapidly process that complex information to make better decisions," stated Alan Norman, Managing Director of IT Europa.
"In a world that has become more mobile with huge amounts of live data flooding our data centers it has never been more important to organisations that their insights and decisions are based on reality and knowledge."

"At this year's convention ISVs from across Europe will hear from key industry experts about their views on how to create and market business applications that integrate information from across the organisation, intelligently analyse that diverse information and then innovatively enable rapid and accurate decision making. Following these presentations they will then be able to debate the issues and challenge the experts."
The event is designed to set the agenda for the following 12 months and address the most pressing issues in the software industry. The unique format of the European ISV Convention gives delegates the chance to listen to industry experts give their views of the marketplace, join in panel discussions on those topics, meet with major vendors and service providers in boardroom style sessions, engage in one-to-one business meetings and network with industry peers.
Now in its seventh year, the European ISV Convention has firmly established itself as the primary event for directors of Europe's most progressive ISVs.


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