Medians Revisited

A couple posts—and a long time—ago, I wrote about computing medians in T-SQL.  Adam Mechanic has a new post on his blog that explores a few other solutions.  It looks like the better of the two, which he credits to Joe Celko, bests my solution by a bit.  Your mileage may vary. Cheers,-Isaac


Simple Spatial Search

Hi folks, I gave a talk about storing simple spatial data at SQL Server Connections last week.  The conference has put slides and sample code online. Hopefully this is of use to some folks out there—if it is, please drop me a line! Cheers,-Isaac


At long last, a post: Medians in T-SQL

Well, shoot.  Start a blog and then never post to it—not the best use of bits.  I can’t promise that this will be the beginning of a post-filled revolution, but it will hopefully be of some use. Assume you have a schema like: sales(city varchar(30), number float) For the purposes of this example, we don’t…