London Spatial Event

Simon Sabin asked me to pass along information about a free spatial event that he and Johannes Kebeck are holding in London on the 16th.  It looks like they’ll be covering a bunch of hot SQL Server Spatial topics: how to get your data in to SQL, how to get your data out and visualize it, and how to make best use of spatial indexes.

Actually, they’re holding it twice: once in the afternoon, and again in the evening.  Follow those links to sign up.

It looks like it should be a good meeting.


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  1. Kirk says:

    FYI – I think this is an "in-person" event.  I sent Simon an email asking if it would be available as a webcast for later viewing and he replied that he hoped so.

  2. tanoshimi says:

    The event was broadcast as a Live Meeting, but I don’t know if it was also recorded (I’m no expert on live meeting..!), and there were a few tech. difficulties halfway through.

    Great content though, and I think Simon and Johannes are both intending to paste up their slides after the event anyway.

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