Good Spatial Blog Resources

Hi Folks, While I continue to procrastinate, here are some excellent spatial resources to peruse. First, David Lean, a Microsoft evangelist, has very comprehensive list of spatial posts over on his Dave does Data blog.  He covers a wide range of spatial methods, the builder/sink API, as well as some pointers on creating spatial applications….


Puzzle Solution

Last time, I posted a question sent to me by Rob Mount.  So what solutions exist other than the north pole? You did well: jnelso99 got part of the way there; tanoshimi finished it off.  We can find a set of circles around the south pole with lengths of 1/N miles: 1 mile, 1/2 mile,…


PDC and a Nice Geographic Puzzle

Hi Folks, At PDC I gave a talk largely inspired by topics raised here and in the spatial forums.  But “inspired by” doesn’t equate to “a duplicate of”, and to turn things around, I’ve been meaning to write a few posts here inspired by my PDC talk.  Stay tuned. In the meantime, Rob Mount from…