Mistakes Pay?

Hi Folks,

I guess I wasn't paying enough attention while I was on my end-of-year vacation, since I read right over the last paragraphy of Paul Ramsey's recent post:

That kind of community responsiveness practically cries out for... a five pound box of chocolates! Note to Isaac and company: don't eat them all in one sitting, no matter how tempting it might be!

And so I should not have been surprised when an unexpected package arrived in my office yesterday:

Wow---that's a big box of chocolate!  I've never received such a gift for a rectified mistake before.  (It makes me wonder what we should do next: remove SRID support, or disable STIntersects?  Do we get another box if we add them back in?  😉 )

Well, for the entire team, thank you Paul.  (We may change our tune after we've gorged ourselves.)  Our number one goal is to do the right thing for our customers, but we aren't perfect.  Thanks for helping us suss this out before we RTM.

(Now we've just got to get the fix in...)


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  1. Paul Ramsey says:

    You are most welcome Isaac, have a great new year and a great release!

  2. Isaac @ MSDN says:

    Hi Folks, We have one more upcoming pre-release before we’re done with SQL Server 2008, and while I’ve

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