Good Spatial Blog Resources

Hi Folks, While I continue to procrastinate, here are some excellent spatial resources to peruse. First, David Lean, a Microsoft evangelist, has very comprehensive list of spatial posts over on his Dave does Data blog.  He covers a wide range of spatial methods, the builder/sink API, as well as some pointers on creating spatial applications….


Puzzle Solution

Last time, I posted a question sent to me by Rob Mount.  So what solutions exist other than the north pole? You did well: jnelso99 got part of the way there; tanoshimi finished it off.  We can find a set of circles around the south pole with lengths of 1/N miles: 1 mile, 1/2 mile,…


PDC and a Nice Geographic Puzzle

Hi Folks, At PDC I gave a talk largely inspired by topics raised here and in the spatial forums.  But “inspired by” doesn’t equate to “a duplicate of”, and to turn things around, I’ve been meaning to write a few posts here inspired by my PDC talk.  Stay tuned. In the meantime, Rob Mount from…


Frequently Asked Question: How do I load shapefiles?

This has come up a few times now.  Multiple questions deserve at least one answer, right? First, Microsoft has not produced a shapefile loader (or exporter).  If this is important to you, here’s the Connect item to hit.  (And yes: we do listen to Connect!) So, what are you to do?  There are a few…


Off to PDC

Despite my relative youth, I can be a bit of a fuddy-duddy.  Fighting my natural impulses, I’ve decided to give Twitter a try—at least while I’m at PDC.  So, if you’re interested in tracking me down, surf the tubes over to my very own Truman Show. Or drop me an old-fashioned email. See you at…


Nearest Neighbors

Hi Folks, Spatial users often want to find the object nearest a given point.  This operation, usually referred to as nearest neighbor search, is remarkably common in many areas of computer science.  In general, we may wish to find not only the nearest, but the k-nearest neighbors. How can we accomplish this with SQL Server? …


A Few Strange Functions

Hi Folks, A post on the spatial forum last week caught my attention for entirely non-spatial reasons: it made use of two functions—RADIANS() and DEGREES()—that I never knew existed. It seems rather strange that out of the innumerable (well, technically enumerable) list of functions that we could implement, someone felt these were worth the effort. …


Conference Correction

Hi Folks, Unfortunately, I need to correct an earlier post of mine.  I will not be speaking at PASS this year—it looks like there were some mixed signals.  If you’re looking for your spatial fix, Michael Rys will be talking about types and indexing. Still, PASS is on my home turf, so I’ll be around:…


Upcoming Conferences

Hi Folks, I’d like to let everyone know about a few conferences that I’ll be at in the near future.  First up is PDC in Los Angeles at the end of October.  After that is the PASS Community Summit in beautiful Seattle middle of November.  (At a full 5 miles door-to-door, I can’t beat the…


The Gnomonic Projection and Operations on the Globe

Let’s talk about projections—or at least about one very special projection: the gnomonic projection. Though it may not (or may?) be completely obvious, this post is related to the series of indexing posts that trailed off some months back, but it’s relevance goes beyond indexing to the fundamentals of how most ellipsoidal operations work. When…